9 Keys to Successful Use of Radiometers

A radiometer is to a light-curing process what a thermometer is to an oven-curing process - essential to achieving complete cures. It measures the intensity and/or energy associated with light of specified wavelengths. It can also help with providing...

UV Light Curing: Why Use a Radiometer?

A radiometer is an important tool in the light-curing process. Below are a few of the benefits of using a radiometer to monitor your light-curing process.

Determining Proper Cure Time for Light-Curable Adhesives

"I am trying to determine the proper cure time for the Loctite 3106 using a Dymax PC-5 Light Welder. Can you help?"

To determine the proper cure time of any light-curable adhesive when exposed to light from any light source, there are a couple of...

Determine When Full Adhesive Cure is Accomplished and Create a Robust Light Curing Process

"I am trying to understand the UV-curing process. How can I determine when an adhesive is fully cured? What are the critical parameters that I need to control in order to gain good consistency for the curing? Also, I was trying to cure some adhesive on a...

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