4 Best Medical Device Assembly Techniques

Over the past decade medical devices have become more intricate, leading manufacturers to focus on quality to eliminate production failures, defects, and field failures.

Ideal Bond Gap Sizes for Tube Set and Catheter Bonding Applications

 We have an application in which we are bonding multiple tubes into a polycarbonate substrate. Right now we have several bonds including: bonding a PVC tube as a pocket fit into polycarbonate, bonding a polyurethane tube as a pocket fit into...

Will Autoclaving Melt Medical Device Adhesives?

What type of medical device adhesive will bond metals/plastics and will melt when it is in an autoclave sterilization? That is, we need the adhesive to NOT survive the autoclave sterilization.

Chemical Compatibility of 190-M Adhesive

We currently use 190-M for sealing epoxy-potted polypropylene fibers. What is the chemical compatibility of Dymax 190-M to aqueous Sulfuric acid at 40% concentration and Hydrochloric acid at the same concentration? If the 190-M information is not...

Dymax Talks LCMs with Design News

Why are medical device manufacturers choosing to work with light-curable adhesives now more than ever? Increased cost savings, faster cure times, and environmentally compliant components make LCMs a top choice for designers and manufacturers alike.

UV Adhesive for Polyolefin

"I'm looking for a UV-curable adhesive to bond polyolefin surfaces (cyclic olefin polymer), 100 cm2 max size. The surfaces could be pre-treated (primer, plasma). What adhesive/primer do you recommend?"

Bonding to COC is very difficult due to its low...

Can You Cure Dymax Ultra Light-Weld® Adhesives with Heat?

"Can you cure Dymax Ultra Light-Weld® 1161-M adhesive with just heat or does the adhesive need to be exposed to UV/Visible light?"

Unfortunately, products like Ultra Light-Weld® 1161-M are designed to cure with UV and visible wavelengths of light only,...

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