4 Best Medical Device Assembly Techniques

Over the past decade medical devices have become more intricate, leading manufacturers to focus on quality to eliminate production failures, defects, and field failures.

Bonding to Polyetherimide

  "We have a small case, molded in two halves, from Ultem (GE or SABIC). Is there an adhesive that will pass the following autoclave profile: 127°C, 50 minutes, steam based?"

A few options come to mind. Ultem, or polyetherimide, can be a little difficult...

FDA-Approved Adhesives for Artificial Hearts

"Do you have an FDA-approved adhesive for artificial hearts (structural and non-structural adhesive)? Which standard is more relevant and which standard applies - ISO 10993, USP Class VI, or another standard?"

If you are referring to implantable...

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