Searching for a Toll Manufacturing Partner? Remember the 3 C’s

toll manufacturing

Identifying the manufacturer that can help your organization reach its full production and sales potential is a crucial step toward expanding your business. The complexity of the oligomers, coatings, and chemical manufacturing industry, however, can make selecting that partner an arduous task. To help you ease into the process, begin evaluating potential toll manufacturing partners with the 3 C’s: capacity, capabilities, and competency.

Capacity: Two major advantages of utilizing a toll manufacturer are space and time savings. From available storage to sheer size, a partnership can help relieve serious constraints on your organization’s production process and allow for a clearer focus on core markets. Ensure that your potential toll manufacturing partner has both the time and space capacity to meet your production, packaging, and shipping requirements. That must also include any international resources such as production facilities and experienced personnel to handle communications.

Capabilities: Beyond maintaining the time, space, and storage capacity necessary to meet your production needs, a toll manufacturing partner must also have the proper equipment to get the job done. When producing complex coatings and oligomers, this could require handling both hazardous and non-hazardous materials, maintaining wide ranges of production and storage temperatures, and mixing and filtering components at various speeds and viscosities. A partner must also be able to scale up production processes for your customers’ larger demands while dedicating equal attention and resources to small-scale projects.

Competency: Most importantly, selecting an ideal toll manufacturer must be based on experience and in-depth knowledge of your markets. With this expertise, a partner can work with you to develop cost efficient outsourcing solutions on local and international scales, assigning senior staff to assist you every step of the way. From local regulations to global communications, your needs demand competent, seasoned experts who can speak on behalf of your company and its needs.

At Dymax Corporation, our Oligomers & Coatings team has been providing toll manufacturing services to our partners for over 20 years. This expertise extends across a wide variety of markets and materials, including those with extreme temperature requirements and storage needs. Support for our partners includes packaging, shipping, and receiving as well as research, QA and QC labs to maintain our high production standards. Dymax O&C is proud to match our senior staff with toll manufacturing projects to ensure the best results and experience.

When it comes to delegating your manufacturing processes, remember to consider space and time capacity, equipment and capabilities, and your toll manufacturer’s experience and competency. If you would like to learn more about partnering with Dymax O&C, please visit

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