Heating Dymax Oligomers

We heat Bomar® BR-582, BR-3741AB, and BR-7432GB oligomers in a hot box set at 140°F overnight to warm them enough to process. Is this a safe temperature to heat these products to? If not, what is the maximum temperature to which we can safely heat these products?

Also, can we reheat these materials multiple times if we don't exceed the maximum safe time at temperature?

140°F is the correct maximum temperature to heat Dymax oligomers to. The materials should not be held more than one week total at the maximum temperature; the shorter the time the better.

Heat cycling can be worse than keeping the product at temperature (the products retain heat for extended periods of time after they are taken out of the oven). It can be done, but it is not ideal. To avoid extended heat history, customers have packed the material down into pails to keep heat-cycle counts to a minimum (the smaller volume also cools down quicker).  Reheating the materials more than two or three times is not recommended.

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